Minecraft How to make dots easily


Hello! This is M2I!

I wrote a simple way to make dots in Minecraft!

hope this will be of help to you.

Photo When you want to make dots

Separate introduction to models

PC Ver


Go to this site to make dots of images, etc.

I know it’s hard to understand in Japanese, but just press “Select File”(ファイルを選択) and you’ll be fine.

Select any image you want to convert. Any image format will do.

can choose the number of dots from 16 bits to 256 bits.

Now that we have a blueprint of the dots, let’s place the blocks according to this blueprint.

In this way, they can be easily assembled while looking at the blueprints.

This high degree of freedom is the charm of the PC version of Minecraft.

The dot picture is completed when placed according to the blueprint like this.

android ios Ver

There is a useful app for the mobile version, so use it to make dots

Photocrafter-art in Minecraft

First, select “ギャラリーから読み込み” and choose what you want to convert to dots.

You can decide the size of the blocks.

When you are done, press the arrow button in the lower right corner.

Location can be selected before conversion

When the conversion is complete and you launch Minecraft, the dots are automatically reflected.

If you have started a world from the beginning, it may not be reflected, so please exit the world and enter it again.

It’s very easy because it’s not done by hand, but there are some areas where the color is muddy, so it’s a little inflexible…

you want to make original dots?

for android

For android, etc.
There are various software programs for creating dots on android and other platforms, so we will use them to write dots.

If you can produce a grid, you will be less likely to make mistakes and work more efficiently.

I especially recommend an app called dotpict.

It is a good software because you can see other people’s works and it is easy to use on your smartphone and can produce a grid.


I think people who like pixiv and such will be quite addicted to it.

There is also an easy-to-understand tutorial, so you can learn quite a bit!

I think there is also an English version, so please try it!

For PC

If you have a PC, this article may be helpful.

edge is a fairly easy-to-use software and I recommend it!

If you want to create a little character, etc., please refer to this page.

Further Usage

created by Rinker

You can also make things like this if you apply it

Dot tool + maze

You can easily create a maze by using the dot tool in the same way.

Dot tool + bridge

By first determining the circular layout with dots, you can easily create the edge of a complex circle.

Dots are interesting.

As long as you have a blueprint of the dots, you can make game characters, photos, etc.

It is so easy to make dot pictures using Micro Micro that I encourage everyone to give it a try!

The interesting thing is that it looks like a simple picture of blocks, but it’s actually very complex!

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