ELDEN RING explains the best model for play


It is hard to decide what to play because it is distributed to so many models, etc.

So I will write about the features of each model and what I recommend.

I hope this will be of some help to you.

Main things that will change

  • Resolution FPS value, etc.
  • Ease of recording
  • Operability

I guess that’s the gist of it.

Does the game content change?

Basically, the game is the same.

The game content will remain the same regardless of which game you play.

Resolution FPS values, etc.

PCs have a higher performance ceiling than game consoles, so they can be played with less choppiness.

The FPS value is not so important, especially since the game is not a shooting game, but it can be done without stress.

Ease of recording

Internal audio from home video game consoles and other devices can be difficult to capture, depending on the model.

However, with PCs and other devices, it is easy to record while capturing internal audio.


Touch operation, keyboard, controller, etc., depending on the model.

Comfort on the touch side varies greatly.

List of each model

All models are treated the same. I’ve also included the FPS values.

Note that the maximum FPS value is usually locked at 60 FPS.

Xbox one and PS4

  • FPS value : 30FPS

It is easy to play in high quality and comfort as long as you download the software!

Even those who are not good at operating a PC can easily operate it and play normally without knowing anything about the operating environment.

However, the FPS value is actually a little bit concerned about the 30FPS value.

Pros and cons

  • Comfortable to play with controller
  • Recording Difficult to run at super high quality 30FPS
Recommended for
  • I’m too lazy to get all that stuff together.
  • I don’t know PC!
  • can’t get a PS5.
What is 30FPS like?

Like playing Apex on Switch.

It doesn’t bother me when I play easy, but when I play hard, like RTA, it honestly bothers me.

Xbox SeriesX/S and PS5

  • FPS value : 60FPS

Unlike PS4/Xbox one, it is 60FPS, which is much less choppy!

It’s great that even people who are not good at PC operation can easily operate it and play normally without knowing about the operating environment.

The most recommended model if you want to play it safe

Pros and cons

  • Comfortable to play with controller 60FPS
  • Difficult to record and run Not mod Dable
Recommended for
  • I’m too lazy to get all that stuff together.
  • I don’t know PC!
  • I want to play at 60FPS


  • FPS value : 60FPS~?

Unlimited performance increase, so as long as you have the power, you can play more comfortably than any other model.

Recording is also the easiest of all the models, so it is by far the easiest to create a live-action environment.

However, a certain level of PC performance is required

Pros and cons

  • Flexibility to add mods for high quality images
  • Minimum gaming performance required
Recommended for
  • I want to do some real-life stuff.
  • want to play in the best environment
  • Ionly have a PC at home

If you want to exceed/exceed the 120 FPS barrier someday, use a PC!

Operating Environment

If you want to play on a PC, take a look and use it as a reference!

ranked them according to each use.

When choosing by cosmetics

game consoles > PC version

If you want to play normally, the safest thing to do is to play on a home console.

You can’t play with mods and such, but the cost performance is actually the best.

If you choose by performance and comfort

PC version.

In addition to the freedom and comfort of the game, the controls can be set freely, so you can also play with stories.

The good thing is that you can infinitely increase the comfort level as long as your PC is powerful enough.

Also, since it is easy to record, it is easy to create a real-life situation.

I personally recommend…

PC Version

After all, it’s great to play while recording games on a PC!

It is OK!

Now that I’ve told you about the models, all that’s left is to enjoy this game.

I’ve written about the recommended models, but I think you should choose the one that suits you best.

But I’m tempted to conquer all of them…

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