Introducing Home-built PC recipes for MTG Arena


With so many PC parts on the market, it’s hard to know what to use.

compiled a list of recommended parts for home-built PCs.

If you want to build your own PC for this application, please refer to this page.


OSWindows 7Windows 10 11
CPUAMD Athlon 64 X2
Dual Core 5600+ or Equivalent
Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz
GPUGeForce GTX 8800
or Equivalent(700MB)
GeForce GTX 560(1GB)
MTG Arena F&Q

PC performance itself is not necessary, and a home PC with a GPU is sufficient.

The OS itself can be used with older models such as Windows 7, so a gaming PC is not necessary.

It is a game that can potentially be played on a PC with normal performance.

PC Parts Recipes

I built my own PC with a GTX1070 power supply replacement.

Let’s make a plan.

Featured Parts

Thermaltake Versa H26 White

It’s an easy reason, because I use it too.

If you want to make it glow in rainbow colors, use something else.

4-pin power extension cable

The included cable is not enough for this PC part, so an extension cable is required separately.

Corei5-11400 F

The nice part. Actually, it has the power equivalent to the Corei7 8700k power of the past.

CPU in a good position with normal performance, good power and good cost performance.

Very regrettable that it is limited to 10-11 generations

玄人志向(kuroutoshikou) GTX1070

The most cost-effective one among 8GB

Although it is a cosmetic GPU, it has the power to overwhelm other GPUs in the market.

玄人志向 STANDARD 750w

Selected 750W power supply because 600W or less is not enough.

I chose the most cost-effective one that I could use without thinking about decoration.

It’s not cool and safe, but it works great!

ASUSTek Intel H570

The previous one is fine, but this one is the best for later use, GPU compatibility, etc.

There is also a reason that 9th generation motherboards are getting out of stock and they are more expensive.

And the old motherboard can’t use the CPU, so this should be a new one.

Question Box

How much cheaper?

The price is roughly 30% lower than products with the same performance.

In addition, they are customizable and can be used longer than commercial products.

If you want to cut costs even further
  • Use a used HDD
  • Use used RAM (DDR4)
  • No CD/DVD drive

By doing so, it is possible to reduce costs.

Which is better, a home-built PC or a pre-built PC?

Emphasis on stability If you don’t want to fail, definitely a pre-built PC

However, recently it has become possible to replace parts due to breakage even on the Internet, so home-built PCs are now being created with insurance coverage.

The barrier of the warranty is actually very worth the challenge because it gives you peace of mind!

I’m scared of building my own PC…

  • Assemble the parts naked (seriously).
  • Touching steel objects before building them
  • Don’t touch your head during assembly

Naked may look like a story.

No fibers from clothes
Eliminate static electricity to the extreme
and is extremely safe and meets the requirements for touching sensitive parts.

I also perform assembly naked every time and reduce mistakes to the bare minimum (HAHAHA).

It is OK!

If successful, it will be cheaper than other PC parts.

Once you have experienced building your own PC, your PC knowledge will be gone and you will be stronger.

Once you get past the first, the rest is a piece of cake.

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