Introducing MTG Arena recommend GPUs


There are a variety of GPUs with different performance levels, so it is difficult to know what to use.

In this article, we have gathered a list of recommended GPUs that meet the operating environment for this game.

What should I use? If you want to know the standard model, etc., please refer to this page.


OSWindows 7Windows 10 11
CPUAMD Athlon 64 X2
Dual Core 5600+ or Equivalent
Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz
GPUGeForce GTX 8800
or Equivalent(700MB)
GeForce GTX 560(1GB)
MTG Arena F&Q

PC performance itself is not necessary, and a home PC with a GPU is sufficient.

The OS itself can be used with older models such as Windows 7, so a gaming PC is not necessary.

It is a game that can potentially be played on a PC with normal performance.

PC performance

  • The ones with 1GB or more
  • Cost-effective
  • It has an HDMI port

The recommended GPUs that can be used comfortably are collected here, focusing on the above-mentioned factors.

In fact, you can go as high as the performance of an ordinary PC.

Here’s where it gets important.

If you cut the GPU too much, the game will become choppy.

Therefore, if you are using a GPU to achieve the minimum operating environment, it is recommended to replace it with the idea of using a higher-end product once.

Therefore, we are introducing a GPU with 2GB or more GPU this time

2GB performance GPU


created by Rinker

This GPU is equivalent to the level introduced above

Well-balanced model, not too low in terms of performance


You can't go wrong if you choose this one for now, but the overall cost performance is not so good.

It is better to choose a GPU equivalent to 4GB

ZOTAC Geforce GTX770

It is a well-balanced model that is not too low in terms of performance, but it might be better to use a straightforward 4GB equivalent high performance

4GB performance GPU


It's one of my personal favorite GPU series.

ASUS is one of the most famous PC makers and is also the standard product of one of the 4GB GPUs.

It's well-balanced and cost-effective, so if you're in trouble, this one in.


This GPU is from ASUS, one of the most well-known PC manufacturers.

Anyway, this GPU is versatile and easy to use, and features 4GB of performance at a low price.

Most 4GB GPUs are expensive, but this product is a fairly inexpensive and cost-effective GPU.

玄人志向(kuroutoshikou) NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650

I recommend this GPU for people abroad to know!

It is very easy to use, with high performance and no troublesome parts for the price.

If you are concerned about the price, please use it

GeForce GTX 970

Typical 4GB model of GPU.

However, this GPU has been on the market for quite some time, and some places are noisy

Question Box

What GPUs do you recommend?

I recommend something like GTX1650. It’s a very easy GPU to use.


It’s okay.

Even if the performance is just a little bit short, it’s not a problem for the game progression, so it’s okay even if it’s not enough.

But it also makes me want to play the slippery MTG Arena again… How greedy…

Is it the most powerful if I use more than 4GB?

Yes, it’s the most powerful, but you need an auxiliary power supply and a lot of other things.

It is quite difficult because you will need a separate power supply box, fan, etc.

GPUs are not always the most powerful.

It is OK!

Do I need the specs because I am likely to fail? You will be able to find the rank GPU you want to use by considering such factors as the following

If you are a beginner, you should try to choose a GPU based on the operating environment ranks above.

For now, just plug in a GPU with 2GB or more GPU and you’re good to go.

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