MTG Arena for PC System Requirements


When it comes to finding an operating environment, there are so many numbers that it is hard to know what to use.

Therefore, we have provided an explanation of the operating environment for this game.

If you are worried about whether your PC’s performance is sufficient, please refer to this page.


OSWindows 7Windows 10 11
CPUAMD Athlon 64 X2
Dual Core 5600+ or Equivalent
Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz
GPUGeForce GTX 8800
or Equivalent(700MB)
GeForce GTX 560(1GB)
MTG Arena F&Q

PC performance itself is not necessary, and a home PC with a GPU is sufficient.

The OS itself can be used with older models such as Windows 7, so a gaming PC is not necessary.

It is a game that can potentially be played on a PC with normal performance.

What level of PC is acceptable?

  • PC with at least 1 GB GPU
  • It has a Corei3 or higher CPU
  • 8 GB RAM or more

A PC with the above will be sufficient to run this game.

PC with at least 1 GB GPU

GPUs need to be about as powerful as the lower end of the power spectrum.

Most PCs are around this 1GB figure, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Recommended Laptop
Recommended Desktop PCs

It has a Corei3 or higher CPU.

You need a CPU about as powerful as the bottom of the range in terms of strength.

The performance of a PC for everyday use is usually around this level.

Performance is not so necessary.

How much does a homebrow PC cost?

combination of homebrew PCs and other things

Desktop or laptop?
  • Desktop PC I want high performance at low cost I want it on a big screen!
  • Laptop I want something compact I want to play in various places

Desktop PCs are good for playing other games.

Laptops should be used where you care about something or some place.

8 GB RAM or more

8GB of RAM capacity is sufficient to run the system comfortably

Likewise, other games are OK with this level of detail.

The number can be achieved without thinking about it, as many business PCs have cleared it.

What RAM capacity do you recommend?


Because there is double the capacity, the comfort level varies considerably.

You’ll be able to take over components later on when you want to play high-performance games.

Question Box

I’ve written a summary of the differences and other things you may be wondering about.

I suggest you take a look through it.

Should I afford the performance?

Sometimes you don’t have to be particularly generous.

The game itself can be played without problems, even if it is choppy, especially for the card game genre.

If you aim for a power level higher than the above operating environment, you can play a variety of games without worrying about it.

Wondering which model to play on…

I summarized it here. It’s good to adapt it to the way you play.

it is OK!

Do I need the specs because I’m likely to fail? I think you will be able to find the rank PC you want to use by considering such factors as the following

If you are a beginner, you should try to choose a PC based on the above operating environment ranks.

But you’ll want to play other games too… It’s a tough decision!

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