The ipad is the best tablet for MTG Arena for mobile


I’m M2I, more of a sound gamer.

I wrote about why the ipad is the best way to play MTG Arena for smartphones.

If you’ve decided to go for it anyway, I’d be happy to help!

The great thing about the iPad

  • Slippery screen
  • PC-like high performance specs
  • Large screen makes it easy to serve units.

I guess it would be something like this

Slippery screen

Would it be better if I said it feels good to the touch?

The iPad has a glass screen that feels much better than other models.

This smooth screen and music games go very well together because this touch is very important in music games.

No finger sticking and very comfortable to move your hands freely.

PC-like high performance specs

Compare with Fire HD 10 Plus

ipad ProFire HD 10 Plus
CPUApple M1 8core CPU2.0GHz 3core CPU
GPU8core GPUMali-G72 MP3

It boasts high performance that is comparable to an ordinary PC…or even a gaming PC in terms of numbers!

In particular, the CPU GPU is ridiculously powerful for a portable device, with 6 cores, which is equivalent to the performance of a Corei7 PC.

The GPU is also amazing, and in terms of numbers, it is as powerful as a regular gaming PC.

Simply put, the specs cheat.

If I had to describe cheating in any way, it would be like having heavy weapons on a thousand-year-old battlefield.

Large screen makes it easy to serve units.

You can play the smartphone version as if it were a game console because you can play it on a large screen.

It’s also a very cost-effective solution because it doesn’t require a separate monitor like a game console, and it can be used for something else as well.

About performance

ipad Pro
CPUApple M1 8core CPU
GPU8core GPU

It is a very high performance product, packed with high performance anyway.

In particular, the GPU’s 8-core equivalent is considerably over-spec power for a tablet.

It has more performance than a bad gaming PC, so it can conquer all app games!

Other Details

  • 1080p HD video recording (comparable to a camcorder)
  • 8 megapixel camera (8 million image quality)
  • HDR for photos (like Photoshop is in there)

As an added bonus, you can use more powerful software than most cameras, so you can use it in a variety of ways.

There is no end to the software that can be used, such as video editing software that comes with garageband…etc…

Is the Ipad cheap?

It’s a lot more cost-effective than using a regular tablet.

Let’s express the performance in numbers and compare it with tablets.

ipad ProFire HD 10 PlusComparison
CPUApple M1 8core CPU2.0GHz 3core CPUM1 CPU is powerful
GPU8core GPUMali-G72 MP3Gaming PC???

The GPU is so powerful that you can play a lot of other games in a very slippery environment.

Create the best environment possible!

created by Rinker

I hope you now have a better understanding of why I recommend the ipad in terms of the above aspects.

Anyway, the power and the smoothness of the screen is one of the best!

Love the game too much? Let’s use an IPad anyway!

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