MTG collection Yuriko the Tiger’s Shadow Judge’s ver


One of the cards distributed in 2019 as a judge’s reward.

Yuriko has an excellent commander-Ninjutsu ability, and as long as it attacks, it can be played without worrying about the leadership tax, which is great for people who have trouble counting numbers.

Also, when it deals damage, it can flip the top card of the library and deal damage equivalent to its mana cost, so it seems that about 40% of the players use this card when they go to the store.

It’s an easy to play leader that can be used in different decks depending on the player, such as Thassa’s Oracle×Demonic Consultation Ninja-Sentai.

I play with this one as a leader because it is the same color as black/blue Satoru Umezawa.

When I want to change my mind, I can play Satoru Umezawa as a leader.

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